As an artist and creative practitioner I am captivated with clay as it offers boundless scope for exploration.

The focal point of my work has been murals and tiles: key to many of these projects has been a bringing together of people and a harnessing of their creative capabilities.

Teaching ceramics informs and inspires my artistic practice and I love the magic that can occur through collaboration.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and came to live in the UK in my early infancy. Raised and educated in London, I continue to maintain a strong connection to Brazil and am fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

In 1994 I moved to Brazil where I spent the next five years, during this period I began training in art and design. I returned to the UK in 1999 to pursue these studies further.

A fascination for ceramics developed whilst on a 3D design foundation course; leading to undergraduate study of Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins, where I graduated with Honours in 2005.